Why you should always define your objectives before you do anything else

It’s a question I get asked all the time.

“Where should I start with my communications plan or building my social media?”

The first step in any kind of communications planning is to work out your objectives. In order to get to your end goal and to develop the tactics necessary to get there, you need to start with some solid objectives. Whether your end goal is to organically grow your social media platforms, sell that awesome book you’ve just written, or develop a strategic communications plan for your business or organisation; you need to define objectives in order to achieve that goal.

So what exactly are objectives?

On a basic level, they are specific, measurable targets. And the best way to work out what objectives to develop is to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What story do you wish to tell?
  2. What do you want to achieve from telling that story?

I’m going to use small business owners as an example here. Say you’ve got a coaching business and your end goal is to get clients – that’s the ‘why’ sorted. The ‘how’ is a little more complicated, and this is where your objectives come in.

If your focus is on coaching social media, you’ll probably want to showcase your awesome social media skills – so one objective could be organically grow your own social media following, or to build a highly engaged following that converts to client bookings. When you’re developing your objectives you can be as vague or as specific as you like. You might just want to gain more social media followers, or you might have a specific number of followers in mind; as long as it works for you and your business, then great!

To continue on with this example, you’d then look at the story you wish to tell. Your business story might be that you’re the best social media coach possible for one particular niche of clients; you might be affordable and inclusive; you might rock the numbers game – whatever it is that makes your business unique and the principles you run your business by is your story.

And you are telling it to connect with the audience that will get the most value from that story and your services.

Good luck!

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Author: Rebecca Millar

Rebecca is a freelance PR and Communications Specialist, Author, Science Writer, and Star Trek fan with a fondness for caffeine and all things geek. When she's not getting her comms specialist on, she's usually introverting Trekkie style, studying her Masters in Astronomy, or at her local fire brigade where she volunteers as a firefighter.

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