New technique for gene analysis available

A new technique for gene analysis has been discovered by a team of researchers in Sweden.

The new technique, named Smart-seq2 has been described after scientists from Ludwig Cancer Research and Karolinska Institutet joined together to form the research team.  It took over 450 experiments before the team was successfully able to improve on their original analysis method.  The new procedure is able to capture up to four times as many RNA molecules compared to current gene analysis techniques.

Smart-seq2 uses reagents which are readily available, so the cost of a Smart-seq2 kit is roughly one twentieth the price of current, commercialised gene analysis kits.

The combination of being cost effective, and consistently being able to capture a greater number of RNA molecules for analysis, means that Smart-seq2 has the potential to allow researchers to conduct a far superior analysis of single cells, on a much larger scale.

The Smart-seq research has been published in the Nature Methods journal.

Author: Rebecca Millar

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